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                                        THE REFERENDUM

Welcome to Independence Day

Published Jun 24, 2016

Britain awakens today, June 24th, to a future as a free, independent sovereign nation.

In a history-making referendum result, the people of the UK voted to leave the European Union by winning 51.9% (17,410,742) of the vote (at latest counting) with 48.1% (16,141,24) choosing to remain on a turnout of 71.8%.

UKIP would like to thank every single person who voted for this historic decision, a validation of the party's fundamental belief that we should be no longer be part of the European political project.

As the sun rises over our country this morning, we can all rejoice in our wonderful new Independence Day.




CHAIRMAN                                                  JOHN BASKIN

SECRETARY                                                 BARRY RYAN


TREASURER                                                 STEWART SHRANK







Votes received      4151

Percentage of vote    7.8%

Change in share of vote     +5%

Position in London based on share of the vote     28th out of 73

Position in London based on increase in vote share since 2010    33rd  out of 73

Total expenditure (excluding deposit)     £700

Cost per vote    16p




Votes received         2595

Percentage of vote      5.2%

Change in share of vote     +3.2%

Position in London based on share of the vote     41st out of 73

Position in London based on increase in vote share since 2010    55th out of 73               

Total expenditure (excluding deposit)      £1465

Cost per vote      56p




Votes received         1732

Percentage of vote    3.4%

Change in share of vote    +1.7%

Position in London based on share of the vote   65th out of 73

Position in London based on increase in vote share since 2010     71st out of 73

Total expenditure (excluding deposit)    £3476

Cost per vote     £2.00




After our brilliant manifesto launch, you can now download the UKIP 2015 Manifesto here, or for reference you can download the full version here.  Commentators call it "the best manifesto of the election so far" - a wonderful and uplifting piece of British common sense.  Please read our real policies (rather than the lies spread by our opponents).  I'm sure you will agree with most of it ! 

UKIP came first and won the European Elections with 27.5% of the votes, so similarly in Barnet's marginal constituencies UKIP need 27.5% to win (just over 1 in 4) so don't waste time getting tired & frustrated in tactical voting.  Don't vote for second best.  Vote for what you really want.  Vote UKIP, Get UKIP and let's get our country back.  UKIP believe in Britain, we hope you do too.

General Election Result for Chipping Barnet 2015  

by Victor Kaye

UKIP's 15 Main Priorities and Policies for YOU

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We want to hear your views, concerns & issues.  Please get involved. 

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UKIP launches Immigration policy with Nigel Farage, 04 Mar 2015

My Britain. UKIP Britain. Does it sound like your Britain?    click on item to view

BELIEVE IN BRITAIN with Nigel Farage, as UKIP launches 2015 GE campaign.

Why people are voting UKIP by Nigel Farage at UKIP Conference Sept, 2014

Here are 100_reasons_to_vote_UKIP

Watch the latest videos on UKIP TV with Nigel Farage's speeches, conference and policy videos, and highlights from the EU Parliament with UKIP's new MEPs 

Click  UKIP Local Manifesto 2014


UKIP Policies - What we will do   click on item to view

My Britain. UKIP Britain. Does it sound like your Britain?

Trade - Protecting Jobs and Increasing Prosperity    Taxation

Cut waste - Reducing Debts we leave to our grandchildren    

The National Health Service - Free at point of delivery    

Energy - reduce your fuel bills by abolishing green taxes   

Controlling and Managing Our Borders     Culture and British Values   

Welfare and Childcare     Housing, Planning and Protecting the Environment   

Law and Order, Crime and Punishment, and Supremacy of British Courts  

Education, Skills and Training - allow more Grammar schools    

Employment and Small Businesses, reduce "Red Tape" & crippling Regulations

Foreign Aid     Transport      Agriculture and Fishing     

British Parliamentary Sovereignty, Democracy and the Constitution   

English Votes for English Laws

Defence        Honouring the Military Covenant   

UKIP's policies are not "Left" or "Right" ... just Common Sense for Britain.

Our Local Community and Local Policies  click on items

My Britain       UKIP Local Manifesto 2014

People are beginning to realise that many of the local policies which affect our daily lives, standard of living, quality of life, and the vital local services we all use, are now controlled by EU laws made in Brussels.  Despite many promises, our local politicians are actually powerless to change anything in areas controlled by the EU, which explains why we hear so much talk but so little actually gets done.  We cannot change EU regulations but we can leave the EU, and UKIP is the only party committed to leaving.  It is estimated (according to EU Commissioner Viviane Reding) that 75% of Britain’s laws are now made by the EU and these laws affect every area of our lives, which is why leaving the EU is so important to everything in your local community.

UKIP and the Jewish Community     Christians and UKIP     Je Suis Charlie

Friends of Poland in UKIP     Thinking of Voting Green?    International Women's Day 

UKIP’s common sense policies supports a free NHS, and will put local people first for services, and deal with local problems of congestion, local parking, rising crime, overdevelopment and threats to our green spaces.  UKIP will abolish green taxes to reduce your energy bills, & abolish the bedroom taxUKIP champion free enterprise and competition but we oppose the abuse and spread of zero hours contracts.  We believe in full employment and worker's rights, not cheap exploited labour.  Controlling our borders is the only way to allieviate the unrelenting estimated demand on school places, and UKIP's education policy will allow new Grammar schools.  Labour's 50% university target has simply produced more graduates who can't find decent graduate jobs (and are left saddled with huge debts) and UKIP will scrap the 50% target and provide more apprenticeships, and abolish university tuition fees for STEM subjectsUKIP wants more transparency from all our elected representatives.  We will challenge and review the One Barnet contract with Capita where Barnet Council has outsourced council services.  UKIP will work to bring services back to Barnet.  UKIP will fight against the closure of local Libraries.  Barnet Council has published proposals to cut £2.85 million from the borough’s libraries service, raising the prospect of closing East Finchley and Childs Hill libraries.  Barnet's Libraries are an essential resource and service for the local community.  UKIP opposes the closure of local hospitals and the downgrading and centralisation of A&E departmentsWe must protect the elderly and most vulnerable and local services should be prioritised for local people who have lived in the Borough the longest.    MORE Local Issues.

Why we must leave the EU ... what it really means.

The Monumental Deceit & True Purpose of the EU - How they lied to us all   (and continue to do so).  75% of Britain’s laws are now made by the EU so unless we leave the EU we are powerless to change most of the polcies and regulations which affect every aspect of our lives.  So how much does the EU really cost us?  The respected economist Prof. Tim Congdon has done a detailed economic analysis and estimates the EU Costs Britain £170 billion per year (11% of GDP)

Europe doesn't work - the Myth of 3 millions jobs at risk & other misconceptions

10 myths why we cannot leave the EU     10 reasons to leave the EU    

Why we do not need to be in the EU to trade     Why we are Better Off Out of the EU    

Remember the broken "Cast Iron Guarantee" on an EU Referendum made by David Cameron in 2009 before the last general election.  We have seen how easily Conservative promises are broken so how can anyone trust him this time?  Don't fall for it again!

UKIP believes our freedom is built on our sovereign British democracy and system of Law.  Let's not give it away to the EU where your vote means nothing.  In yet another disturbing attack on democracy and self-determination, Vice President of the European Commission Viviane Reding claimed that Britons are too ignorant to vote on membership in the European Union (EU).  Perhaps we need to leave while we still can?

Lord Norman Tebbit says Britain must be rescued from the EU

Why I left my old party and joined UKIP

Why I left the Conservative party and joined UKIP - by Douglas Carswell MP

Why I am leaving Conservative party and joining UKIP - by Mark Reckless MP

Why I left the Labour party & joined UKIP - by former Press Officer Richard Bingley

  Open borders is EU law and all three of the old parties (Conservatives, Labour and the Lib-Dems) support our EU membership.  Only UKIP is committed to leaving the EU which is the only way to regain control of our borders and get back British sovereignty. 

UKIP will put common sense back into local policies, and deal with the problems of congestion, overdevelopment, lack of parking, rising crime, and threats to our green spaces.  Let's stand up for our local communities and protect our libraries, hospitals and A&E departments.  The current EU path is clear but what future do you want? 

Vote UKIP for real changeOnly UKIP provide a real alternative to the old parties who all now look and sound the same, and who have ignored us for so many years, and failed to deliver on their promises.

We can get our country back - by Tim Aker MEP - Policy spokesperson

Please help us, phone us, text us, send us an email, become a member or supporter, just come along to one of our local meetings, bring a friend. 

Please join UKIP's peoples' army and help the fight to get our country back.

Get in touch    

We want to hear your views, concerns & issues.  Please get involved. 

Join UKIP todayHelp shape our local policies.  Come to our meetings




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